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SLAM's Maps

Here's the list of all the maps I've made:

Map Name Description
Abyss Remix A Remix by Sharpknux and Me. Well, I did the remix, but Sharp takes credit for exporting it for me :-).
Barracuda Assault This is basically the better part of Barracuda Park, set up specifically for team play. Certain places have alarms to detect unwanted customers, so be careful!
Canyon Outpost One of my finest maps ever, this one demonstrates my first (and surprisingly successful) attempt to create realistic looking vertical landforms in the form of cliffs, plateaus, and rock walls. I finally finished and released it on 2/6/02, and it now uses the TobioTrees package.
Coret Facility TT Remix My first ever remix from UT. This was a CTF map that I converted to Target Tag. Rather than multiple targets, each hatch has only one 1000 point target. I felt that 5 in one place was overkill, and I also couldn't fit more than one into the hatch :-).
Deep Space Fuel, Inc. A project I started long before I finished it. Although it still has a few flickering problems in places (not as badly as the beta) it still has a high level of playability and fun.
Dream Mansion Released for NAB reunion 1/19/02. (Requires Quake3a.utx)
Floating Forts BETA Two fantasy-style forts hovering high above ground, connected by long, narrow paths. This is one of my older, buggier works.
Forest Quite possibly the worst map I ever made, but everyone seems to like it.
Frantic Remix A cooperation between B-Ball and me. It turned out quite well, and I added one little surprise to it ;-).
Menace In my opinion, an excellent use of the Quake3a.utx file, and a map that will convert well to UT.
Nerf Hall My last release before boot camp, and my first one after it :-). This versio isn't quite finished, but should be an enjoyable ride for everyone! Requires Quake3a.utx.
Noxion 16 Remix A Remix by Sharpknux and Me. Well, I did the remix, but Sharp takes credit for exporting it for me :-). This one's set up for team Target Tag style!
Pacific Fury A very unique map. Features a boat, a submarine, and a hover airship that deploys a kind of glider aircraft. Loads of fun!
Professional Arena A sort of follow up to Amateur Arena, only in a very different style.
Red Psi Named after the Greek letter Psi (pronounced "sigh"). The lava paths in this level take the shape of the Greek letter. (Requires Quake3a.utx)
Rocket Run 1 A fast-moving TS, HS, and Whomper map, suitable for virtually any number of players. Not exactly professional look throughout, but fun for a quick firefight.
Rocket Run 2 Similar to the first, only slightly more expansive, and more dangerous around narrow platforms. Plenty of fun online!
Ruination A Q3A-style map released for the June 16 2002 NAB reunion. A fast-paced DM for 2-8 players. An easteregg's inside as well, so look around! Requires Quake3a.utx and TobioTrees.
SLAM's Homestead Sort of a more professional sequel to Forest, though not quite the same. It was originally featured in Nerf Neighborhood as the "Ranch" section.
Target Tag Original The prototype map for a pseudo-gametype I invented for NAB: Target Tag! Two teams each have a base. The object is to leave one player behind to guard the base, while the rest assault the enemy base. When your team attacks, they try to hit a button in the enemy base which opens a hatch in your base, revealing five 1000 point targets! (Requires Quake3a.utx)
Target Tag 2001 My New Year's 2001 re-release of TTO. Several problems were fixed, and it was given a 9.5 Reaper Rating at highest ever! :-) (Requires Quake3a.utx)
TechComb One of my older maps that's lots of fun, and offers an interesting environment. The storyline told in the readme file for the map kind of explains it.
TechComb 2 The sequel to TechComb. This one has an entirely new setting with disturbingly familiar attributes from the prequel.
The Next Level My first attempt at a Quake-style map. It was well received by the online community, and shows for itself some very nice architecture and playability. (Requires Quake3a.utx)
Tsunami Mountain I My first ever released map. This one has loads of problems and has the overall stench of a newbie attempt. It's fun if you're just playing by yourself, or want to check it out just for kicks.
Warped Bay My fastest map ever. Textures, the map, and testing were completed in three hours, and released half an hour later. Please note the texture package is included in the zip file.

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